Local Mobile Explosion Video Course

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As The Smartphone Continually Replaces the Computer, It’s Increasingly Important For Businesses to Stay Up to Date with Mobile Marketing technologies. This is a step by step video course which takes you by the hand to show you how to use Mobile Marketing technologies, such as QR Codes, to quickly and easily increase your sales…

Many businesses will lose out on revenues just because they do not want to upgrade with today’s technologies. This thinking can kill a brick and mortar store, especially with more and more people shopping online. The implementation of mobile marketing into your business will cost you so much less than the potential revenue you stand to lose by not upgrading to use QR Codes in your company.

Does QR Code sound like a foreign language to you?

Now, you may be worried because you don’t know where to start, and QR Codes may sound like a foreign technological language to you, but don’t be. There’s a solution.

This step by step, 7 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly tap into QR Codes and use them for you business. In this video series you will be shown how QR Codes can be used in your business, what benefits they provide you and most importantly how you can start using QR Codes in your business, starting today.

You get to watch over my shoulder, click by click, to discover how to use QR Codes in your business the right way.

Video #1: Introduction to Local Mobile Explosion With QR Codes

Video #2: How to AVOID Crippling your Campaign

Video #3: What value will you give?

Video #4: Mobile Friendly Landing Page

Video #5: QR Code Tactics: Engage Customers

Video #6: QR Code Tactics: Video Tours

Video #7: QR Code Tactics: List Building


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